BIOILIS is the first store for the sale of organic (BIO), but also conventional products, both retail and wholesale, produced in the Prefecture of Ilia (ILIS), to which it owes its name.

The owner of the company BIOILIS which started its operation in 2004 and is headquartered in Amaliada, Theodoros Vassilopoulos has been awarded, along with his cousins, as the best Young European Farmer and for this reason, all the products he grows, and what it trades is quality checked and certified according to European standards.


With absolute respect for the Greek nature that generously offers us its fruits and for the farmer who takes care of our safe and quality food the Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Farmer of Amaliada and Surroundings ‘Bioilis’, expands its activities, providing the best possible services in the agricultural sector, with a view to producing quality products and boosting producers incomes.

The idea for the establishment of the Agricultural Cooperative is based on our desire to create a modern and reliable cooperative that supports the producer, who while maintaining its autonomy, will dominate its production, will be fairly rewarded for its offer and will co-shape the decision making.

The basic vision of the people of ‘Bioilis,   the equal cooperation and mutual assistance of its partner members, in its economic, social and cultural development, through a co-owned and democratically company.

We produce excellent quality certified products with great taste and nutritional value. We take care of the supply and marketing of agricultural supplies at the best possible prices for the benefit of the producers, while we provide services to facilitate it throughout the production range. We are on the side of the producer with continuous technical support and comprehensive guidance for programs for young farmers, organic farming, organic livestock, improvement plants, denitrification or anything else that concerns the farmer.


quality, reliability and trust are 3 words that characterize us and set us apart from the rest

The founder of our company Mr. Vasilopoulos Theodoros  is the offspring of a rural family with a long history in cultivation, which in the course of years of activity acquired empirical knowledge. This knowledge reflected a large part of their course but was not the one that could lead to the maximum possible result. He understood through the constant friction with what was happening on the family farms the gaps that existed in the course of production.

Mr. Vasilopoulos decided to go one step further, deciding to continue his studies at the Tchnological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands based in Argostoli in the Department of Organic Agriculture. During his studies he fully understood the problems created by agricultural activity with the over-consumption of fertilizers and various other preparations where the brought various pathogens to both growers and consumers. But he also learned how to deal with his pathogen. A pathogen that paradoxically is allowed in the market and we also call them conventional production.

At the end of his studies and equipped with all the supplies until then to strengthen the productive forces of his place, where he begins his professional activity with the start of work  (23/03/2005) in the store selling Organic Products. Now in the wider area of Elis there is a reference for its optimal nutritional value.

The course is difficult but it is an extremely interesting journey through time where there were difficulties, many discussions and many hours. Now, after a continuous course of 15 years , we are pleased to have created a wide network of suppliers in the wider area of ilia that now offer products of high nutritional value, which we trade. Producers receive all necessary information and assistance on their farms, whether in the form of advice, or in quality systems (organic or integrated production) and even  in the submission of rural development plans .

Our company is at a point that can guatantee the course of the product from cultivation in the field, to the final form that the product takes and we can make it available to the final consumer.

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